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The team at Entreposage BA answers your questions

Best Price Guarantee

What is the minimum duration of a lease?

Our rental contracts are established monthly. A contract is automatically renewed until you cancel it. A contract cancellation requires 14 days notice.

How do I move my goods within the storage areas?

We offer free use of:

transport carts


forklifts designed for pallets

Are there any restrictions on the items I can store?

Yes, the tenant will not store any :


flammable materials or products


perishable food

contraband items


materials or items that release odours

How do I make payments?




Post-dated check


Cash in hand

Self storage tips

Preceding the move

Visit the Montreal little storeroom with a rundown of the things that you might want to store so that you can decide the right size of self stockpiling unit for your requirements with our specialists.

Schedule a mover

If you are utilizing a trucking organization, discover what size truck they will use. This is significant in deciding whether your unit will be open to that truck. Most trucking organizations charge more the farther they need to convey your things. Calendar your mover 30-45 days ahead of time (or more whenever required for July first).

Decide the packaging accessories you will need in advance

Make a rundown of the pressing supplies that you will require ahead of time. Things to consider, contingent upon what you plan on putting away; Paper, bubble wrap, tape, stamping pens, rope, drop materials, sheets, furniture covers, beds, document boxes or capacity containers. We have a full determination of provisions accessible in our Mini Entrepot Moving Depot flexibly store, situated close to our banquet room.

Storage bins

Rubbermaid holders are extraordinary to store your things. They have tight-fitting tops and stack without any problem.

Fill containers and boxes

Incompletely full or swelling boxes may tip or breakdown. Use pressing materials to fill void pockets.

Delicate goods on top

Ensure fragile merchandise with high pressing and spot them on the head of your extra room.

Label boxes

Name all the cases on every one of the six sides of the container and save a rundown with you for simple reference later on, when you have to get too specific things.

Pack your space carefully

Spot a bed or pressed wood on the solid floors and don't lean boxes or capacity things in the wrong position. Arrange according to how you will orchestrate your things. A decent arrangement will spare you the hour of adjusting your unit. Leave a walkway to the back of the capacity unit for simple access. Utilize all the space accessible, including the tallness and spot them as often as possible utilized products at the front of the unit to abstain from looking for them. Make sure to check your unit once per month.

Insurance considerations

Buy protection. On the off chance that your possessions merit putting away, they deserve guaranteeing. Try not to accept that your mortgage holders' protection will cover the merchandise while away.

Storage tips for commonly stored items

Books and documents

Spot books level to secure their spines. Select smaller boxes for books as the heaviness of books and paper includes rapidly. Use pressing to fill every void pocket in the cases. Try not to pack delicate things with books.


A fridge or cooler ought to be completely dry and put away with its entryway marginally slightly open. A few merchandises can be put away inside bigger apparatuses. Boxes can be stored on top of refrigerators, ovens and coolers. We suggest that the appliances, specifically ovens, be cleaned preceding being put away.

Materials, clothing and curtains

Garments and window ornaments ought to be put away on holders on closet style cardboard containers. If these containers are not accessible, such things should be collapsed and put away in bureau compartments or cedar chests alongside bedding and material. Keep unavailable garments open, and you may have your assets away longer than foreseen.

Dishes and glassware

Spot a layer of pressing material on the base of the containers. All glass things ought to be separately wrapped. When wrapping collectibles or anything weak, tape it after you cover it. This ought to abstain from confusing them with overabundance paper to fill the container. Use bubble wrap or unprinted paper to wrap breakables. Home cups and bowls inside each other. Stand plates and platters anxious. Occupy every space with pressing material. Name all crates containing china accordingly and mark "Delicate." Try not to store substantial things with crystal.


Spot either a plastic sheet or bed on the floor and stand couches and sleeping cushions on end. Dismantle beds and tables (this will spare space) and wrap table legs to secure them. Put all equipment in packs and imprint sacks as needs are. On the off chance that the table can't be dismantled, place cushioning on the floor and spot the table on its top with the legs facing up. Boxes can be put away on the head of dressers. Stack seats "seat to situate." While stacking furniture, use paper cushions in the middle of the things to abstain from scratching. Spot a moving cover, cotton sheet, or residue spread on the head of all furnishings.

Electronic equipment

At the point when you dismantle hardware, for example, PCs, sound systems, things that have various strings, place little shaded stickers on the rope and a similar shading sticker where the line goes. This will spare you the problem of attempting to make sense of what goes where when it comes time to reassemble your gadgets. On the off chance that conceivable, utilize the first boxes to store your devices and different things.


Wrap light bases in cushioning and spot littler lights in boxes, separately wrapped. Pack fragile light shades independently. Try not to utilize newsprint for wrapping the shadows as the ink will recolor the shade material.

Mirrors, paintings and windows

These sorts of items ought to be put away on their edges.

Bikes, tools and other metal items

We advise cleaning down any metal things with a cloth containing a couple of drops of machine oil to hinder rust. Channel and clean all earth from all hardware before you store them. Since a while ago, taking care of instruments, such as rakes and scoops, ought to be tied in a group.


  • Try not to utilize plastic to cover your belongings. It holds dampness. 

  • Try not to store any food things. This will forestall any undesirable visitors. 

  • Try not to pack your cases with the goal that they are too substantial to even think about carrying them, particularly when you are pressing books. 

  • Do not give out your secret word, door code or any data to anybody that isn't recorded as having "Access." 

  • Remember to clean apparatuses before you store them. 

  • Try not to store any poisons or flammables, for example, paint, oil, or fuel.

Rent your storage space

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